WOD: 6-3-12

WOD:  250 reps for time:

Row (calories)
Push Press (95/65)
Box Jump (24/20)

Switch every minute on the minute until you achieve 250 reps.


hope.crossfit.com is a website with which I would like you all to get familiar.  CrossFit HQ and affiliates worldwide are joining together in the fight against childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.  The goal of the inaugural CrossFit for Hope fundraiser is to buy the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital one operating day.  Contributions can be performance-based pledges or donations for participants and affiliates.  Next Saturday we will be running the “WOD for hope workout” and if you would like to sign up to donate, please follow the link.  Register as you normally would for any other event and select “CrossFit Reebok Back Bay” as your affiliate.  The goal is that within the 200+ members of the gym, to raise $1800-$2000.  The workout will be done in the style of the “Fight Gone Bad” workout.  5 different exercises, 1 minute AMRAP of each, rest 1 minute after each round, perform 3 rounds.  This will be a great time and a great cause for which to raise funds and throw down.

Thank you for your donations,



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